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Winkfield Coal Merchants - 3 Generations Of coal Merchants

Company History - Winkfield Solid Fuel

Founded in 1926, Winkfield Solid Fuels has established a reputation for reliability, quality and service. Now in it's third generation of family ownership the company has embraced new technology, modern working methods and has a dedicated team of workers.

We supply a wide range of coal and smokeless fuels for open fires, boilers, cookers, room heaters and multifuel/wood burners



"We Still Deliver Coal The Traditional Way"

Delivering Coal The Traditional Way

We still deliver our coal the traditional way, by lorry and in open sacks which we tip straight into your coal bunker or storage area.

We can also supply all our solid fuels in pre-packed plastic bags if you have limited or outside storage.


Cash & Carry

Delivery is dependant upon our weekly rounds but If you are in a hurry you can collect any amount of coal, smokeless fuel or logs from our coal yard in Scarborough. Just phone in advance and we will have your order ready and waiting for you.


Solid Fuel Safety

Solid fuel appliances in the home operate more reliably, efficiently and safely if they are installed and serviced correctly.

Ventilation is Vital - Heating appliances, whatever fuel they burn, need to be able to 'breathe' in order to function efficiently and safely, they need a constant,steady flow of air.

If your home has draught-proofing or double-glazing fitted you may need vents or airbricks in an exterior wall of the room.

If you already have air vents or airbricks, make sure that they are not blocked or covered.