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Smokeless Fuel Fire In A Spacious Living Room

Top Quality Smokeless Fuel

Winkfield Solid Fuel Company provides you with what we consider to be the best value for smokeless fuel bags, either loose or pre-packed.

Smokeless Fuel Delivered Free of Charge

Smokeless Fuel

Smokeless Fuel provides all the qualities of a coal fire, yet is slow burning and easy to control. Another benefit of smokeless fuel is that it produces a fraction of the smoke and less carbon dioxide than coal.

Smokeless Fuel is suitable for all multi-fuel stoves and open fires and is kinder to the environment than household coal.

Solid Fuel Safety

Solid fuel appliances in the home operate more reliably, efficiently and safely if they are installed and serviced correctly.

Ventilation is Vital - Heating appliances, whatever fuel they burn, need to be able to 'breathe' in order to function efficiently and safely, they need a constant,steady flow of air.

If your home has draught-proofing or double-glazing fitted you may need vents or airbricks in an exterior wall of the room.

If you already have air vents or airbricks, make sure that they are not blocked or covered.