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House Coal

House Coal is the most popular fuel choice for all open fires and other coal burning appliances throughout the UK. Our House Coal is easy to light and burns with a high heat and a strong natural flame. This type of coal generates a lot of heat and will warm your room quickly and efficiently. House Coal has low ash content and creates only a small amount of ash, making it easy to clean after use.

Please note that this product is not authorised to burn in a smoke controlled area

House coal-doubles. This is our most popular product, providing a high heat output with low ash and an attractive flame. This product is most suitable for open fires and selected multi fuel burners. Supplied at an economic price.

House coal-trebles. This is a premium product and larger size, providing a higher heat output with low ash, and an attractive flame with a longer duration of burning. This product is most suitable for open fires and selected multi fuel burners.


Premium House Coal delivered in traditional bags or pre-packed


Smokeless Fuel

Oxbow Excel Smokeless Fuel. Excel is a fully approved briquette which is authorised for use in smoke control areas as well as being officially recognised by HETAS, the official body authorised by government to approve stoves and fuels. Suitable for open fires, multi fuel stoves and closed appliances with high heat output, low ash content, easy lighting, and controllability Excel is a versatile fuel that has been an established favourite in the market place for over 20 years.

Oxbow Glow Smokeless Fuel. Glow offers all the burning characteristics of Excel but at a much reduced price. In an effort to produce a high quality fuel at competitive prices, Oxbow has sought to replicate Excel but without seeking approval from HETAS or meeting the needs of smoke control legislation, both of which considerably add to the cost of production. This has allowed many consumers of Glow, who aren't hamstrung by the requirements of living inside a smoke control zone, to burn a high performing, low ash product at very competitive prices.

Oxbow Red Smokeless Fuel. Produced to provide the market with as economical a fuel as possible, the price and the burning characteristics of Red have proved to be hugely popular. As with Glow, this is NOT a fuel which is approved by HETAS or for use in smoke control zones. However, it would be a mistake to confuse its economical pricing with lack of performance. Once again this a very effective high heat, low ash ovoid that contains a small amount of traditional house coal which helps to assist with its easy lighting nature and attractive flame pattern. Our biggest selling fuel by some distance and virtually an overnight success story.

Maxibrite Smokeless Fuel. Maxibrite is a small anthracite based ovoid, which has been designed for closed appliances, room heaters, multifuel stoves, boilers and is AGA approved. A small ovoid with its distinctive "M" marking, Maxibrite gives good heat output and burn duration with minimum waste, easy to light and control, clean burning with low ash, Maxibrite is excellent value for money. The small ovoid is HETAS approved and authorised for use in smoke control areas.

Anthracite- stove nuts. Anthracite stove nuts are suitable for enclosed cookers and stoves, for example agas, rayburns and parkrays. This fuel is a deep mined, naturally smokeless product, providing a long burning high heat level.
Coke- the coke product is used in roomheaters and many types of stoves.
Anthracite beans- beans are only suitable for gravity fed appliances. For example Trianco TRG boilers.

Logs - We also offer seasoned hard wood logs, supplied in bulk or bagged. Nets of kindling are also available to light your fire with ease.
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Pre-Packed Fuels

All of our products are available in pre packed 20kg Bags. With today's consumers, convenience is vital. Clean packaged, easily handled, quality fuel is essential. We provide a wide range of quality pre-packed Solid Fuel in 20kg bags. These are ideal for Filling Stations, Garden Centres and Shops. All our pre-packed fuels are delivered on palettes with our lorry mounted fork lift truck. Regular deliveries throughout Yorkshire & Humberside.